Please do not use / repost / trace my artAlso, please avoid touching very sensitive topics with me, if you are +18 be careful, I remind you that I AM a minor.

Edward / Castiel / John!

ANY PRNS , jotaro enjoyer, spanish, 15 y/o, bigender + polysexual aromantic, 2000's enjoyer, oc x canon!!, hyperfixated on JJBA

things i like!

JJBA, dorohedoro, inuyasha, shiki, chainsaw man, madoka magica, sakura cardcaptor, bungou stray dogs, homestuck, dead by daylight, resident evil, silent hill, the last of us, gta, south park, bojack horseman, batman, venom, deadpool, mean girls, jennifer's body, hannibal, friday the 13th, halloween, scream. .

don't like!

basic DNI criteria
zionists, pro/comshippers, batcest, dsmp, toxic fans, lolicon / shotacon, minor sexualizer, hajnarus supporter, "Paraphilias are valid (or justified this) ", +18 ppl, jokes abt pedos, zoos n' rape or abuse, jotawife hater, TOXIC JOTAKAK/JOKA SHIPPER. .

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